It’s not politics, it’s the new reality

The most interesting observation this week, has been, of course on Facebook. People fussing with each other over what they consider to be “politics,” regarding the Syrian crisis, ISIS and the issue of allowing Syrian Refugees into our country.


I’m almost certain most citizens do not know how many refugees we normally allow into our country a year, or probably never even thought about it, I know I haven’t really given it much thought up until now. I’ll bet you would be surprised to know it’s 70,000. That number was recently raised to 85,000 by President Obama. I would go one step further to say, a majority of American’s forget that the fundamental purpose of a “melting pot” is to allow people from all over the world to join a civilized country become as one nation instead of many. It doesn’t mean we all look alike, we all share the same religious beliefs, heritage, etc., it simply means all come here to become a part of and help forge a civilized society. With that said, this world is not the one that it was when we first chose to allow refugees to flee their country and come to the USA. It’s not the same world!

I can honestly say I don’t recall (until 9/11) EVER hearing a story, in my entire life, of women and/or children strapping bombs on their chests and blowing themselves up, ever! Up until 9/11/2001, I honestly had not heard too much about Islam and honestly had very little idea of what a Muslim even was. The most bizarre religion I knew of was The People’s Temple, in Jonestown, Guyana back in 1978. Up until that time, talks of religious “cults” were discussed, but it usually consisted of people renaming themselves “Flower” and “Sunshine,” passing out peanut brittle and trying to recruit more people to smile with them on their happy farm. I suppose I was either sheltered or it wasn’t enough of an issue to make the news.


Fast forward to 2015.. Guyana seems a long way off doesn’t it? Well, not really.. if you pay attention, you will hear people talk about those that are oblivious, as “Kool-aid drinkers,” this is a direct reflection of the events that took place in Guyana so many years ago. There always has been and always will be, terrorists, psychopaths, and religious extremists. You don’t want to get me started on Westboro Baptist Church. The point is.. .it’s not a political issue, it’s a power issue, and that’s the bottom line. You don’t hear of the USA getting up in arms about letting Buddhists into our country because they are peaceful. I don’t know of nor have I ever heard of any radical Buddhists. I actually think that would be a contradiction of terms, would it not? People that are on a power trip, will always want to rule the world. So where do we draw the line between the peaceful people of Syria and the radicals that want to infiltrate the refugee line and come into our country and do harm? I don’t know, but I do know there is an imminent threat of terrorism when allowing anyone to come through our borders right now.


The good Syrian’s have suffered, have been and continue to be tortured. They deserve peace and a place they can live and raise their children without fear of terror! However, our country deserves the same thing. We deserve to feel safe and to know that our children are safe here. While I do believe that the Syrians deserve refuge, I’m just not sure that our country is the place for this to happen. ISIS hates America and all that it stands for. They WILL follow the good people that come here.. what then? Will they be safe here? Will any of us be able to stand against spider terrorists that come in with the innocent people or will we ALL be fighting them just on our homeland instead of in Syria?
Unfortunately, they are coming from a culture that is dead set on destroying not only Christianity but also peace and a democratic nation. If you are thinking this is just a matter of humanitarian issues, you are very sadly mistaken. If that were the case, I would be the first one in line to pull the children over the fences.. .it’s not. If we could pluck every innocent refugee from the thousands and bring them here, I would even open my house to give them shelter. Unfortunately, saving a few could very well result in damaging the safety of our entire nation. My children, your children, and grandchildren. It’s not just about you and what you feel is right or wrong, it’s what’s right for an entire nation and those peaceful people that want refuge.
I DO understand why so many people are upset about the refugees coming here. We have our veterans; the ones that served this country to insure our safety and freedom, being neglected. We have thousands of homeless women, children, elderly and mentally ill Americans that can’t get health care, food, shelter and when you talk of bringing MORE into the equation and issuing them immediate financial assistance, food, clothing, shelter and medical, it rubs a sore spot on a lot the behinds of those who have nothing; those who are legal American’s. If there is even a slight chance that terrorists get into our country with our help.. I say, no. NO! The countless lives that were lost fighting for our freedom and safety should count for something. This isn’t about politics, not at all. Terrorists don’t run for office, they take what they want, never asking for permission in the process. So is there a solution to the humanitarian crisis? I believe there is and while I don’t know what the answer is, I believe what is happening now is NOT the answer. With that said… if you lay down with the lion, you had better either have more faith than Daniel, or be prepared to fight for your life or you WILL be eaten.
Copied and republished from my Facebook blog 11/20/2015

The World According To Charlie

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